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title. accidents, Solo Exhibition 

space. Kabinett Visarte, Zürich

time. Januar 2024

vernissage. 18.01.2024

city. Zürich

type. exhibition / visual arts / ceramic art / installation

links. Visarte

accidents solo exhibition dkwerkraum kabinett visarte

© Daphne Kokkini Werkraum


This exhibition is consisted of representative pieces from different series of works, created, during the past couple of years in Zürich and during my artistic residency in the Fundaziun Nairs. They are regrouped and rearranged in order to emphasize on the notion of the accidental, as a quality that counters the essential.

During the course of time i found myself increasingly growing fond of small casual incidents. Mistakes which made me nervous at first, i was eventually hoping for them to happen. Then those were slowly settling in my making and revealing themselves much later, as new even more valuable ideas. Becoming able to step into the creative uncertainty with enjoyment and curiosity is liberating.

Reassociating these works under the prism of the accidental, somehow unplugged them from their own conceptual framework and placed them on a bigger gesture. It made me see them in a new light and realize more about my own way in the arts and in life. My innert tendency of reacting in-situ to whatever i happen to come across by chance and of working with various materials as found, now made sense as part of a solid practice.

We normally want to avoid accidents, we think of them as unnecessary interferences, but what if we let them transform the essence of things? So instead of ignoring, blaming or throwing them away, we can allow the accidental to evolve within our work and observe what happens. This second life of small accidents i would like to celebrate with this exhibition.


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