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title. Architectural Competition Schulhaus Allmend in Zürich / Participation

date. 2016

city. Zürich, Switzerland

type. Architecture &  Landscape / Competition

with. draftworks* architects, Nicosia, Cyprus

competition launched by. Stadt Zürich, Hochbauamt

consultants. Mattias Koehler architect, Adonis Kleanthous architect, Cadrage Landschaftsarchitekten GmbH, Naef Enegietechnik

dkwerkraum draftworks allmend visualisierung


The primary school is located in Allmend district in a new area that is being currently developed with offices, residences and retail. With our proposal we wanted to increase the presence of nature in the area by using the building itself as a ‘green ark’ of nature. According to the ‘Green Ark’ idea the programme of the school is divided in three groups with voids created in between the  volumes of each group. Nature takes over in these voids, with trees and bushes of various heights according to the size of the void. A light-constructed envelope wraps around the volumes permitting climbing plants to ascend on it and constituting unity. The envelop serves as a filter for protecting the school space from summer sun and winter wind while it makes it possible for the building to ‘breathe’. Nature in the school serves as both a regulator of the micro-climate conditions, as well as an occasion for educational engagement of the students. The voids serve as the main public spaces of the school that develop in three levels. The classroom groups are arranged in a cross-like configuration so as to create various grades of common space for hosting various activities. The pedestrian bridge that connects the school with the riverside areas follows the latticed form of the envelop offering multiple views.

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