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title. Blickwechsel, text-based Installation

concept. Daphne Kokkini

curated by. Vlatka Horvat & Tim Etchells for "Not Standing in Place"

part ofDas Schwarzenbach Komplex Project 

consultantMelinda Nadj Abonji

date. August/September 2021, Zürcher Theaterspektakel 21

opening. 19.08.2021

space. Saffa Insel - Landiwiese, Zürich

city. Zürich

type. installation / multidisciplary project / community project 

links. Zürich Theaterspektakel 

Blickwechsel_ZTS_Foto Kira Barlach

© Kira Barlach, Zürcher Theaterspektakel


We live in turbulent times. «Blickwechsel» invites to shift our perspective on discourses and materialities that have been shaping the Swiss society for generations, particularly on words that frame and affect our feeling of belonging. Dismantling and reshuffling these composite bureaucratic terms and euphemisms might lift the burden of a traumatic past and open up new perspectives for the future.

Embedded in the interdisciplinary, community-based project Schwar zenbach Kompl ex, which tries to put forward a new multivoiced politics of memory on migration, racism and resistance, «Blickwechsel» is a research on migrant workers in Switzerland (Saisonniers), the exclusive legal regulations, housing conditions in barrack settlements, illegalized families and hidden children.

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