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title. Leave the lights on

date. 2019

city. Zürich, Switzerland

type. Landscape installation 

created for. living room festival, Zürich

dkwerkraum leave the lights on insitu


A blind space, with the size of a normal living room and was placed in the midst of the vast field of the former football stadium. Visitors could perceive the room only from outside. Placed inside: a simple light sequence creating the ambience of tv lights and a sound of a football game.  The goal was to make a commentary on public life and open space; where is our public space, what access do we have to it, what access do we have to each others space? The installation draws directly from the thematic of the new Hardturm Stadion, placing the echoes it’ll make in our living rooms right in the center of its future topos. The space was also used as a blind stage-platform, where performers could enter, interact and experiment with the levels of exposing themselves to the public. Several invited artists depending on availability (dis)appeared as performers. 

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