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title. Competition for the former port-industrial area of Drapetsona - 2nd prize

date. 2017

city. Piraeus, Greece

type. Urban planing / Competition

with. hiboux architecture

consultants. fereniki vatavali, dimitris grozopoulos, francesco bagni

competition launched by. attica region authority

dkwerkraum lipasmata visualisation


The study area is part of the wider port-industrial zone of Piraeus which is now in direct proximity to the urban fabric. This is an area in an extremely privileged position, with rich history, ancient and modern and heavily environmentally polluted. The proposal must manage and compose the different forces imposed at this very crucial point.


The way this is done is a strategic selection based on three axes:

- Detailed scan of the area and evaluation of its dynamics

- Management of memory and history, in terms of spatial experience

- Interventions aiming to transform the inherent potential of the landscape in order to its self-powered revitalization

- Implementation of the solution in separate stages so that the area functions as a free public space from the first moment of the initiation of the project.

The above operations are aimed at transforming the area into a public space of local and regional range, one more facet of culture, recreation, education and green space in the region of Attica, accessible by public transport.

The proposal is nurturing on history and existing built reserves of the area and aspires to transcribe difficult situations into opportunities:

- Closed structures are transformed to open typologies

- Unfamiliar morphologies are maintained, revived and inscribed into a new context of cultural activities, education, sports, and recreation.

- The current "emptiness" is converted into openness, offering citizens the experience of the open horizon, the uninterrupted views and direct contact with the sea.

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