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title. Garden and olive grove for a private house

date. 2019-

city. Meganissi Island, Ionian Sea, Greece

type. Landscape design / Private Garden

architecture and project lead. hiboux architecture, Athens

Meganissi Landscape dkwerkraum Collage

In close collaboration with the architects we developed a concept that respects the existing qualities of the landscape and enhances them with slightly contrasting elements. New blossoming trees fill the gaps between the olive grove, the extending mastic bushes are contained to small trees, a green fence to secure privacy and a very thoughtful use of materials to make the partly wild slope again accessible are the main interventions.


The study focused on typological elements of the ionian cultural landscape, such as dry-stonewalls, stone deposits, water management. The vegetation proposed uses native plants or already naturalized ones, aims to create different ambiences in several parts of the plot, to host outdoor activity. 

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