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title. Study for the archeological park at ancient Myrrinous of Attica

date. 2016-

city. Merenta Markopoulo, Attica, Greece

type. Landscaping / Archeological Park / Project

with. Leonidas Koutsoumbos, Athens

Authority. Ephorate of Antiquities of East Attica

The archeological excavations in the wide area of Markopoulo show fragments of the ancient Demos of Myrrinous and cover a surface of 37 ha. During the Olympic Games 2004, organized by the city of Athens, a big part of this area has been used for the Olympic Equestrial Center.

This study aims to secure the accessibility and functionality of the new archeological park. Based on the unique findings that reveal the agricultural character of this ancient community and given that it has survived to the present, we decided to enhance the pure archeological visit with an educational program on agriculture and public life in ancient Greece. 

A circular path, partially paved for bike and horse-riding, with regularly placed repose areas, runs the perimeter of the park.  Secondary paths transverse the inner landscape giving access to several points of interest. The 5 entrances to the site are named after important citizens or personalities of Myrrinous.

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