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title. Sons and Daughters / A play on the Quest of Happiness

ensemble. Griechischer Theaterverein Prova.zh Zürich

director. Anna Tsichli-Boissonnas

author. Yannis Kalavrianos [Sforaris Theatre Company] / premiere 2012

translation. Esther Menet, Zürich

photos by. werkraum & Valentin Boissonnas

date. 1. Season June 2016, 2. Season January - March 2017

city. Zürich / Theater Stok

type. stage design / costumes / production / voice and musical coaching

dkwekraum sons and daughters foto valentin boissonnas


Sons and Daughters has been performed by Sforaris Theatre Company in Greece and abroad and it has also been staged by many theatre companies in several countries. The authors travelled all over Greece for 13 months, interviewed senior citizens and asked them to remember the single significant story that changed their life. Out of 85 different stories, they picked those that were more attached to historical events and enact on stage true episodes that happened during major events of the greek and european history: from the I World War to the Berlin Wall, from the Coup of the Generals in 1967 to the very recent Athens Olympic Games in 2004.

The play, originally written for 5 performers, in this version was staged with up to 13 performers, and also for the first time translated to german. The staging proposal was very simple, allowing the performers to switch roles, meaning shoes and accessories on stage. Particularly the use of the shoes and their symbolic presence on stage throughout the performance was an element that we emphasized on, multiplying in a sense the presence of the roles that corresponded to them.

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