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title. Design proposal for the National Pavillon of Cyprus in the Venice Architectural Biennale 2020. shortlisted

date. 2020

city. Venice, Italy

type. exhibition design. curating 

with. Christiana Ioannou and Spyros Nasainas

launched by. ministry of culture authority, Cyprus

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Hortus Nostrum investigates the role of the enclosed garden in Nicosia as the architectural element that transcends domestic life and creates alternative common spaces. In contrast to other cultures a big part of the mediterranean urban commons occurs in softer spaces. Nicosian gardens host the most important community and family events, while parts of the house, like the Eliakos or the Portio, are open to the garden and serve as links between domestic, natural, private and public.

By focusing on the nicosian enclosed garden as a place of encounter, we envisage togetherness occuring not only in lucid public hardscapes, but thriving in the softer common cores of the city.

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